There are three types of edible apples: crabapples, applecrabs and apples. In order to produce fruit an apple must be cross pollinated.
Size (cm)






Early Season apples - Late August

Heyer #12 5-6 Straw Good Good Poor Pick under-ripe, preserves poorly
Norland Apple 6-7 Green w/red stripes Good Good Good Stores well if picked under-ripe, good for preserves.
Parkland Apple 6-7 Red over creamy yellow Good Good Good Sweet apple, good for preserves.
Westland 7-8 Greenish-yellow w/large red stripes Poor Excellent Moderate Tarty apple.

Mid Season Apples - Mid September

Battleford Apple 6-7.5 Red stripe over green Good Good Poor Course Texture
Brookland Apple 5-6 Green w/red blush Good Good    
Caroll Apple 6-7.5 Pale green w/red blush Good Good   good for sauces, preserves well, very seet, soft apple.
Fall Red Apple 7-8 Dull red Good Good Good Excellent for juices
Harcourt Apple 6-7 Bright red Excellent Excellent Excellent Mild, Pleasant flavor
Honey Crisp 6-7 Red Excellent Good Good Very crisp and sweet. New Cultivar
Hardy Mac 7 Red over green Excellent Good Good Macintosh apple cross
Millstream 7-9 Green Good Excellent Good Large apple great for pies, Developed in Alberta
Patterson Apple 6 Blushed red over greenish-yellow Excellent Good Moderate  
September Ruby Apple 6-7 Bright red Good Good Good heavy yields. Becomes ripe over extended season.
Sunnybrook Apple 6-7 Yellow w/red stripes Good Good    
Strathcona Gold 7 Yellow Excellent Good Good Crisp and juicy. Developed in Alberta

Late Season Apples - late September

Goodland Apple 6-8 Washed red over creamy green Excellent Excellent Excellent Good for sauces
Haralson Apple 6-7.5 Red over green Fair Good Excellent Becomes ripe late Sept-early Oct.


Rescue Apple-crab 3.5 Dull red over yellow Good Good Poor Sweet, pleasant fruit. Eating, canning, juicing. Poor keeper.
Rosybrook apple-crab 4 Greenish red. Good Good Good Cript Fruit. Fresh eating, canning and storing.
Kerr Apple-crab 4.5 Brilliant-red Fair Good Good Juicy, sweet-tart flavor. Deep red color carries through processing. Jellies, canning, good keeper


Dolgo Crabapple 3.5 Brilliant Red Good Good Moderate Profuse, fragrant white blossoms. Jellies, joices, moderate keeper